Resource Types: observational data


Data resulting from observational research, which involves collecting observations as they occur (for example, observing behaviors, events, development of condition or disease, etc.), without attempting to manipulate any of the independent variables. [Source: Adapted from]


Preferred Labels

  • Beobachtungsdaten (Deutsch)
  • dades observacionals (Català)
  • dados observacionais (Português)
  • dati osservazionali (Italiano)
  • datos observacionales (Español)
  • donnée d'observation (Français)
  • gözlemsel veri (Türkçe)
  • havaintoaineisto (Suomi)
  • observatiedata (Nederlands)
  • observational data (English)
  • opazovalni podatki (Slovenščina)
  • podaci prikupljeni posmatranjem (Српски)
  • данные наблюдений (Русский)
  • подаци прикупљени посматрањем (Српски)
  • 観測データ (日本語)
  • 观测数据 (中文)

Alternate Labels

  • dades d'observació (Català)

Broader Concepts