Resource Types: experimental data


Data resulting from the experimental research method involving the manipulation of some or all of the independent variables included in the hypotheses. [Source: Adapted from]


Preferred Labels

  • dades experimentals (Català)
  • dados experimentais (Português)
  • dati sperimentali (Italiano)
  • datos experimentales (Español)
  • deneysel veri (Türkçe)
  • donnée expérimentale (Français)
  • eksperimentalni podatki (Slovenščina)
  • experimental data (English)
  • experimentele data (Nederlands)
  • experimentelle Daten (Deutsch)
  • kokeellinen data (Suomi)
  • экспериментальные данные (Русский)
  • 实验数据 (中文)
  • 実験データ (日本語)

Broader Concepts