Resource Types: utility model


A special form of patent right granted by a state or jurisdiction to an inventor or the inventor’s assignee for a fixed period of time. The terms and conditions for granting a utility model are slightly different from those for normal patents (including a shorter term of protection and less stringent patentability requirements). The term can also describe what are known in certain countries as “petty patents,” “short-term patents” or “innovation patents.” [Source:]


Preferred Labels

  • Gebrauchsmuster (Deutsch)
  • faydalı model (Türkçe)
  • gebruiksmodel (Nederlands)
  • hyödyllisyysmalli (Suomi)
  • mali patent (Српски)
  • model d'utilitat (Català)
  • modello di utilità (Italiano)
  • modelo de utilidad (Español)
  • modèle d'utilité (Français)
  • patent s skrajšanim trajanjem (Slovenščina)
  • utility model (English)
  • мали патент (Српски)
  • полезная модель (Русский)
  • 实用新型专利 (中文)
  • 実用新案 (日本語)

Broader Concepts