Resource Types: aggregated data


Statistics that relate to broad classes, groups, or categories. The data are averaged, totaled, or otherwise derived from individual-level data, and it is no longer possible to distinguish the characteristics of individuals within those classes, groups, or categories. For example, the number and age group of the unemployed in specific geographic regions, or national level statistics on the occurrence of specific offences, originally derived from the statistics of individual police districts. [Source:]


Preferred Labels

  • aggregated data (English)
  • aggregierte Daten (Deutsch)
  • aggregoitu tilastotieto (Suomi)
  • agregirani podaci (Српски)
  • agregirani podatki (Slovenščina)
  • birleştirilmiş veri (Türkçe)
  • dades agregades (Català)
  • dados agregados (Português)
  • dati aggregati (Italiano)
  • datos agregados (Español)
  • données agrégées (Français)
  • geaggregeerde data (Nederlands)
  • агрегирани подаци (Српски)
  • агрегированные данные (Русский)
  • 聚合数据 (中文)
  • 集計データ (日本語)

Alternate Labels

  • izpeljani podatki (Slovenščina)
  • združeni podatki (Slovenščina)

Broader Concepts