Resource Types: compiled data


Data collected or assembled from multiple, often heterogeneous sources that have one or more reference points in common, and at least one of the sources was originally produced for other purposes. The data are incorporated in a new entity. For example, providing data on the number of universities in the last 150 years using a variety of available sources (e.g. finance documents, official statistics, university registers), combining survey data with information about geographical areas from official statistics (e.g. population density, doctors per capita, etc.), or using RSS to collect blog posts or tweets, etc. [Source: Adapted from]


Preferred Labels

  • compiled data (English)
  • dades compilades (Català)
  • dados compilados (Português)
  • dati compilati (Italiano)
  • datos compilados (Español)
  • derlenmiş veri (Türkçe)
  • donnée compilée (Français)
  • gecompileerde data (Nederlands)
  • kompilacija podataka (Српски)
  • kompilierte Daten (Deutsch)
  • sestavljeni podatki (Slovenščina)
  • yhdistetty data (Suomi)
  • компилација података (Српски)
  • компилированные данные (Русский)
  • 汇编数据 (中文)
  • 編集データ (日本語)

Alternate Labels

  • kompilirani podaci (Српски)
  • компилирани подаци (Српски)

Broader Concepts