Resource Types: cartographic material


Any material representing the whole or part of the earth or any celestial body at any scale. Cartographic materials include two- and three-dimensional maps and plans (including maps of imaginary places); aeronautical, navigational, and celestial charts; atlases; globes; block diagrams; sections; aerial photographs with a cartographic purpose; bird's-eye views (map views), etc. [Source:]


Preferred Labels

  • cartografia (Italiano)
  • cartografisch materiaal (Nederlands)
  • cartographic material (English)
  • kartografický dokument (Čeština)
  • kartografik malzeme (Türkçe)
  • kartografinen aineisto (Suomi)
  • kartografska građa (Српски)
  • kartografsko gradivo (Slovenščina)
  • kartographisches Material (Deutsch)
  • material cartogràfic (Català)
  • material cartográfico (Español)
  • material cartográfico (Português)
  • matériel cartographique (Français)
  • картографический материал (Русский)
  • картографска грађа (Српски)
  • مادة خرائطية (العربية)
  • 地図資料 (日本語)
  • 地图类资料 (中文)

Alternate Labels

  • kartografski material (Slovenščina)
  • kartografski materijal (Српски)
  • material cartografico (Español)
  • materiale cartografico (Italiano)
  • картографски материјал (Српски)
  • 地圖類資料 (中文)

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