Resource Types: memorandum


A formal note distributed internally to one or more persons in a company, agency, organization, or institution, with a header indicating the date it was sent and stating to whom it is addressed (To:), from whom it is sent (From:), and the subject of the text (Re:). Unlike a letter, a memo does not require a full salutation or signature at the end of the text--the sender may simply initial his or her name in the header. [Source:]


Preferred Labels

  • Memorandum (Deutsch)
  • bilgi notu (Türkçe)
  • memorando (Português)
  • memorandum (Čeština)
  • memorandum (Nederlands)
  • memorandum (Italiano)
  • memorandum (Slovenščina)
  • memorandum (English)
  • memoràndum (Català)
  • memorándum (Español)
  • muistio (Suomi)
  • mémo (Français)
  • меморандум (Русский)
  • مذكرة (العربية)
  • メモランダム (日本語)
  • 备忘录 (中文)

Alternate Labels

  • Denkschrift (Deutsch)
  • circular (Português)
  • circular (Español)
  • comunicación (Español)
  • comunicado (Español)
  • comunicado (Português)
  • memorandum (Français)
  • memòria (Català)
  • razprava (Slovenščina)
  • 備忘錄 (中文)

Broader Concepts