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A popular interest periodical usually containing articles on a variety of topics, written by various authors in a nonscholarly style or a trade publication, unlike a consumer publication, covers a specific topic for people who work in that particular field or industry. [Source: Adapted from and]


Preferred Labels

  • Informationszeitschrift (Deutsch)
  • Magazin (Türkçe)
  • aikakauslehti (Suomi)
  • informativna revija (Slovenščina)
  • informativna revija (Српски)
  • magazine (Français)
  • magazine (English)
  • revista de divulgació (Català)
  • revista divulgativa (Español)
  • rivista divulgativa (Italiano)
  • tijdschrift (Nederlands)
  • информативна ревија (Српски)
  • периодическое печатное издание (Русский)
  • 雑誌 (日本語)

Alternate Labels

  • magazin (Српски)
  • magazine (Nederlands)
  • revista de divulgacion (Español)
  • revista de divulgacion cientifica (Español)
  • revista de divulgación (Español)
  • revista de divulgación científica (Español)
  • časnik (Slovenščina)
  • časopis (Slovenščina)
  • časopis (Српски)
  • магазин (Српски)
  • часопис (Српски)

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