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A recorded sequence of connected steps, which may be automated, specifying a reliably repeatable sequence of operations to be undertaken when conducting a particular job, for example an in silico investigation that extracts and processes information from a number of bioinformatics databases. [Source: Adapted from]


Preferred Labels

  • Workflow (Deutsch)
  • delovni tok (Slovenščina)
  • flujo de trabajo (Español)
  • flux de treball (Català)
  • fluxo de trabalho (Português)
  • iş akışı (Türkçe)
  • pracovní postup (Čeština)
  • procedura (Italiano)
  • radni proces (Српски)
  • työnkulku (Suomi)
  • workflow (Nederlands)
  • workflow (English)
  • workflow (Français)
  • рабочий процесс (Русский)
  • радни процес (Српски)
  • سير العمل (العربية)
  • ワークフロー (日本語)
  • 工作流程 (中文)

Alternate Labels

  • Arbeitsablauf (Deutsch)
  • cicle de treball (Català)
  • flusso di lavoro (Italiano)
  • flux de travail (Français)
  • flux de travaux (Français)
  • flux opérationnel (Français)
  • procedura (Српски)
  • procedura (Čeština)
  • workflow (Português)
  • workflow (Italiano)
  • процедура (Српски)
  • 工作流 (中文)

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