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A display poster, published within a conference proceeding, typically containing text with illustrative figures and/or tables, usually reporting research results or proposing hypotheses, submitted for acceptance to and/or presented at a conference, seminar, symposium, workshop or similar event. [Source: Adapted]


Preferred Labels

  • Konferenzposter (Deutsch)
  • conference poster (English)
  • conferentieposter (Nederlands)
  • konferans posteri (Türkçe)
  • poster dans une conférence (Français)
  • poster in congresso (Italiano)
  • poster na konferenci (Čeština)
  • poster na konferenci (Slovenščina)
  • poster sa konferencije (Српски)
  • posteri (Suomi)
  • pòster de congrés (Català)
  • póster de congreso (Español)
  • póster em conferência (Português)
  • постер са конференције (Српски)
  • стендовый доклад (Русский)
  • ملصق مؤتمر (العربية)
  • 会議発表ポスター (日本語)
  • 会议集里的会议海报/会议板报 (中文)

Alternate Labels

  • cartel (Español)
  • poster (Italiano)
  • poster cientifico (Español)
  • poster de conférence (Français)
  • poster de congreso (Español)
  • poster de congrès (Français)
  • póster (Português)
  • póster científico (Español)
  • póster em congresso (Português)
  • ملصق (العربية)
  • 会议墙报 (中文)
  • 會議海報 (中文)
  • 會議牆報 (中文)

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