Version Types: AO


Any version of a resource that is considered by the author to be of sufficient quality to be submitted for formal peer review by a second party. The author accepts full responsibility for the resource . May have a version number or date stamp. Content and layout as set out by the author. (adapted from NISO-JAV,


Preferred Labels

  • AO (English)
  • Autorenversion (Deutsch)
  • Yazarın orijinal versiyonu (Türkçe)
  • auteurs versie (Nederlands)
  • autorski original (Српски)
  • käsikirjoitus (Suomi)
  • version originale (Français)
  • versione originale dell'autore (Italiano)
  • versió de l'autor (Català)
  • versión original del autor (Español)
  • авторский оригинал (Русский)
  • ауторски оригинал (Српски)
  • 作者手稿 (中文)
  • 著者オリジナル版 (日本語)

Alternate Labels

  • author's original (English)
  • borrador (Español)
  • draft (English)
  • esborrany (Català)
  • manuscrit (Català)
  • manuscrito (Español)
  • première version (Français)
  • preprint version (English)
  • version d'origine (Français)
  • versió original de l'autor (Català)
  • Ön baskı (Türkçe)
  • оригинал (Русский)
  • 论文二次审定稿、论文审定稿 (中文)

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