Version Types: P


A version of a resource that is created as part of the publication process. This includes the copy-edited manuscript, galley proofs (i.e., a typeset version that has not been made up into pages), page proofs, and revised proofs. Some of these versions may remain essentially internal process versions, but others are commonly released from the internal environment (e.g., proofs are sent to authors) and may thus become public, even though they are not authorized to be so. Content has been changed from Accepted Manuscript; layout is the publisher’s. (adapted from NISO-JAV,


Preferred Labels

  • Korrekturfahne (Deutsch)
  • P (English)
  • Redakte edilmiş versiyon (Türkçe)
  • bozza (Italiano)
  • koevedos (Suomi)
  • probna kopija (Српски)
  • proefdruk (Nederlands)
  • prova d'impremta (Català)
  • prueba de galera (Español)
  • одобрен (Русский)
  • пробна копија (Српски)
  • 出版社版式稿 (中文)
  • 校正版 (日本語)

Alternate Labels

  • Yayıncı tarafından düzenlenmiş versiyon (Türkçe)
  • drukproef (Nederlands)
  • galerada (Català)
  • korjausvedos (Suomi)
  • manuscrito aceptado (Español)
  • manuscrito editado (Español)
  • oikovedos (Suomi)
  • probni otisak (Српски)
  • proof (English)
  • version (Français)
  • одобрена (Русский)
  • одобренная (Русский)
  • одобренные (Русский)
  • одобренный (Русский)
  • одобрено (Русский)
  • одобрены (Русский)
  • пробни отисак (Српски)
  • 编辑校订稿、网络优先发布稿 (中文)