Controlled Vocabulary for Access Rights (Version 1.0)

title: Controlled Vocabulary for Access Rights (Version 1.0)
description: The Access Rights vocabulary defines concepts to declare the access status of a resource. Multilingual labels regard regional distinctions in language and term.
contributor: COAR Controlled Vocabularies Interest Group []
creator: Apollaro, Alberto
creator: Aubin, Sophie
creator: Azrilevich, Paola
creator: Bernal, Isabel
creator: Dan, Liu
creator: Fripp, Dom
creator: Gürdal, Gültekin
creator: Habre, Sawsan
creator: Hayashi, Yutaka
creator: Holt, Ilkay
creator: Hua, Nie
creator: Jones, Hilary
creator: Kataoka, Tomoko
creator: Le Borgne, Laurence
creator: Liping, Ku (Alan)
creator: Mornati, Susanna
creator: Ojsteršek, Milan
creator: Príncipe, Pedro
creator: Schirrwagen, Jochen
creator: Shiota,Tomoya
creator: Solodovnik, Iryna
creator: Steinhoff, Wilko
creator: Vedovotto, Nathalie
created: 2018-12-20
license: CC BY 4.0

-- open access --

Definition (en) Open access refers to a resource that is immediately and permanently online, and free for all on the Web, without financial and technical barriers.The resource is either stored in the repository or referenced to an external journal or trustworthy archive.
Preferred label (en) open access
Preferred label (es) acceso abierto
Preferred label (tr) açık erişim
Preferred label (fr) libre accès
Preferred label (ja) オープンアクセス
Preferred label (de) offener Zugang
Preferred label (ru) открытый доступ
Preferred label (pt) acesso aberto
Preferred label (ar) الوصول الحر
Preferred label (ca) accés obert
Preferred label (sl) odprti dostop
Preferred label (nl) vrij toegankelijk
Preferred label (it) accesso aperto
Alternative label (es) acceso abierto gratuito
Alternative label (es) acceso público
Alternative label (fr) accès ouvert
Alternative label (fr) accès libre
Alternative label (fr) open access
Alternative label (de) freier Zugang
Alternative label (ru) бесплатный доступ
Alternative label (pt) acesso livre
Alternative label (nl) vrij beschikbaar
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-- embargoed access --

Definition (en) Embargoed access refers to a resource that is metadata only access until released for open access on a certain date. Embargoes can be required by publishers and funders policies, or set by the author (e.g such as in the case of theses and dissertations).
Preferred label (en) embargoed access
Preferred label (es) acceso embargado
Preferred label (tr) ambargolu erişim
Preferred label (fr) sous embargo
Preferred label (ja) エンバーゴ有
Preferred label (de) Zugang unterliegt Embargo
Preferred label (ru) доступ с эмбарго
Preferred label (pt) acesso embargado
Preferred label (ar) الوصول المحظور
Preferred label (ca) accés embargat
Preferred label (sl) odlog javne objave
Preferred label (it) accesso sottoposto a periodo di embargo
Preferred label (nl) onder embargo
Alternative label (es) acceso con periodo de carencia
Alternative label (es) acceso con periodo de embargo
Alternative label (es) acceso bajo período de embargo
Alternative label (es) acceso bajo periodo de embargo
Alternative label (es) depósito oscuro
Alternative label (es) deposito oscuro
Alternative label (fr) libre accès après durée d'embargo
Alternative label (fr) accès libre retardé
Alternative label (fr) libre accès différé
Alternative label (fr) accès sous embargo
Alternative label (pt) acesso sob embargo
Alternative label (sl) dostop z embargom

-- restricted access --

Definition (en) Restricted access refers to a resource that is available in a system but with some type of restriction for full open access. This type of access can occur in a number of different situations. Some examples are described below: The user must log-in to the system in order to access the resource The user must send an email to the author or system administrator to access the resource Access to the resource is restricted to a specific community (e.g. limited to a university community)
Preferred label (en) restricted access
Preferred label (es) acceso restringido
Preferred label (tr) sınırlı erişim
Preferred label (fr) accès réservé
Preferred label (ja) アクセス制限有
Preferred label (de) eingeschränkter Zugang
Preferred label (ru) ограниченный доступ
Preferred label (pt) acesso restrito
Preferred label (ar) الوصول المقيد
Preferred label (ca) accés restringit
Preferred label (sl) omejen dostop
Preferred label (it) accesso riservato
Preferred label (nl) beperkt toegankelijk
Alternative label (es) acceso bajo restricciones
Alternative label (es) acceso gratuito mediado
Alternative label (es) acceso gratuito bajo restricciones
Alternative label (es) acceso bajo condiciones
Alternative label (es) acceso con limitaciones
Alternative label (tr) kısıtlı erişim
Alternative label (fr) accès restreint
Alternative label (fr) accès sous condition
Alternative label (fr) accès limité
Alternative label (fr) accès aux abonnés
Alternative label (nl) beperkte toegang
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-- metadata only access --

Definition (en) Metadata only access refers to a resource in which access is limited to metadata only. The resource itself is described by the metadata, but neither is directly available through the system or platform nor can be referenced to an open access copy in an external journal or trustworthy archive.
Preferred label (en) metadata only access
Preferred label (es) registro bibliográfico
Preferred label (tr) sadece üstveri erişimi
Preferred label (fr) accès aux seules métadonnées
Preferred label (ja) メタデータのみ
Preferred label (de) nur Metadaten
Preferred label (ru) доступ к метаданным
Preferred label (pt) acesso a metadados
Preferred label (ar) الوصول المحدود بالميتاداتا
Preferred label (ca) accés només a metadades
Preferred label (sl) samo metapodatki
Preferred label (it) accesso limitato ai metadati
Preferred label (nl) alleen metadata beschikbaar
Alternative label (es) acceso a metadatos
Alternative label (es) acceso a registro bibliográfico
Alternative label (es) acceso a registro bibliografico
Alternative label (es) acceso a metadatos solamente
Alternative label (es) registro bibliografico
Alternative label (tr) sadece metadata erişimi
Alternative label (fr) libre accès aux seules métadonnées
Alternative label (fr) accès limité aux métadonnées
Alternative label (fr) accès uniquement aux métadonnées
Alternative label (fr) accès restreint aux métadonnées
Alternative label (pt) acesso limitado a metadados
Alternative label (sl) samo dostop do metapodatkov
Alternative label (nl) alleen metadata
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