Resource Types: design


Plans, drawing or set of drawings showing how something e.g. building, product is to be made and how it will work and look. [Source: Adapted from]


Preferred Labels

  • design (Italiano)
  • design (English)
  • diseño (Español)
  • disseny (Català)
  • dizajn (Српски)
  • oblikovanje (Slovenščina)
  • ontwerp (Nederlands)
  • schéma (Français)
  • suunnitelma (Suomi)
  • tasarım (Türkçe)
  • дизайн (Русский)
  • дизајн (Српски)
  • デザイン (日本語)
  • 设计 (中文)

Alternate Labels

  • dizajn (Slovenščina)

Narrower Concepts