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A set of exclusive rights granted by law to applicants for inventions that are new, non-obvious and commercially applicable. A patent is valid for a limited period (generally 20 years), during which time patent holders can commercially exploit their inventions on an exclusive basis. [Source:]


Preferred Labels

  • Patent (Deutsch)
  • brevet (Français)
  • brevetto (Italiano)
  • patent (Čeština)
  • patent (Nederlands)
  • patent (English)
  • patent (Català)
  • patent (Türkçe)
  • patente (Português)
  • patente (Español)
  • patentti (Suomi)
  • патент (Русский)
  • براءة الاختراع (العربية)
  • 专利 (中文)
  • 特許 (日本語)

Alternate Labels

  • patent (Slovenščina)
  • patente de invencion (Español)
  • patente de invención (Español)
  • patents (English)
  • 專利 (中文)

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