Resource Types: other type of report


Other types of report may include Business Plans Technical Specifications, data management plans, recommendation reports, white papers, annual reports, auditor's reports, workplace reports, census reports, trip reports, progress reports, investigative reports, budget reports, policy reports, demographic reports, credit reports, appraisal reports, inspection reports, military reports, bound reports, etc. [Source:]


Preferred Labels

  • altre tipus d'informe (Català)
  • altro tipo di rapporto (Italiano)
  • autre type de rapport (Français)
  • diğer rapor türü (Türkçe)
  • druge vrste izveštaja (Српски)
  • jiná zpráva (Čeština)
  • ostale vrste poročil (Slovenščina)
  • other type of report (English)
  • otro tipo de informe (Español)
  • outro relatório (Português)
  • rapport overig (Nederlands)
  • sonstiger Report (Deutsch)
  • друге врсте извештаја (Српски)
  • نوع آخر من التقرير (العربية)
  • その他の報告書 (日本語)
  • 其他报告 (中文)

Alternate Labels

  • ander type rapport (Nederlands)
  • guideline (English)
  • laboratory material (English)
  • otro tipo de reporte (Español)
  • outro tipo de relatório (Português)
  • 其它報告 (中文)