Version Types: VoR


A fixed version of a resource that has been made available by any organization that acts as a publisher by formally and exclusively declaring the resource “published”. This includes any “early release” resource that is formally identified as being published even before the compilation of a volume issue and assignment of associated metadata, as long as it is citable via some permanent identifier(s). This does not include any “early release” resource that has not yet been “fixed” by processes that are still to be applied, such as copy-editing, proof corrections, layout, and typesetting. (adapted from NISO-JAV,


Preferred Labels

  • Erstpublikation (Deutsch)
  • VoR (English)
  • Yayıncı versiyonu (Türkçe)
  • gepubliceerde versie (Nederlands)
  • julkaistu versio (Suomi)
  • objavljena verzija (Српски)
  • version publiée (Français)
  • versione pubblicata (Italiano)
  • versió publicada (Català)
  • versión publicada (Español)
  • версия публикации (Русский)
  • објављена верзија (Српски)
  • 出版社版 (日本語)
  • 出版稿 (中文)

Alternate Labels

  • originale Verlagspublikation (Deutsch)
  • publisher version (English)
  • reprint (Français)
  • versie (Nederlands)
  • version finale (Français)
  • version of record (English)
  • version éditée (Français)
  • versió final de l'editor (Català)
  • versión final del editor (Español)
  • версия данных (Русский)
  • версия записи (Русский)
  • коначна објављена верзија (Српски)
  • коначна објављена верзија (Српски)
  • 论文处理稿、论文编修记录、论文永久保存稿 (中文)