Version Types 1.1

This is the latest version of this vocabulary


The Version Type vocabulary defines concepts to declare the version of a resource. Multilingual labels regard regional distinctions in language and term. The concepts are adopted from the Journal Article Versions (JAV): Recommendations of the NISO/ALPSP JAV Technical Working Group


  • Alberto Apollaro (Spanish translation)
  • Sophie Aubin (French translation)
  • Paola Azrilevich (Spanish translation)
  • Isabel Bernal (Spanish translation)
  • Dan Liu (Chinese translation)
  • Ilaria Fava (Italian translation)
  • Dom Fripp (English translation)
  • Gültekin Gürdal (Turkish translation)
  • Sawsan Habre (Arabic translation)
  • Juha Hakala (Finnish translation)
  • Ilkay Holt (Turkish translation)
  • Nie Hua (Chinese translation)
  • Hilary Jones (English translation)
  • Tomoko Kataoka (Japanese translation)
  • Laurence Le Borgne (French translation)
  • Ku (Alan) Liping (Chinese translation)
  • Pedro Príncipe (Portuguese translation)
  • Jochen Schirrwagen (German translation)
  • Milica Sevkusic (Serbian translation)
  • Tomoya Shiota (Japanese translation)
  • Iryna Solodovnik (Russian translation)
  • Wilko Steinhoff (Dutch translation)
  • Nathalie Vedovotto (French translation)


  • COAR Controlled Vocabularies Interest Group

Change Log

  • Serbian translations added