Resource Types 2.0


The Resource Type vocabulary defines concepts to identify the genre of a resource. Such resources, like publications, research data, audio and video objects, are typically deposited in institutional and thematic repositories or published in ejournals. This vocabulary supports a hierarchical model that relates narrower and broader concepts. Multilingual labels regard regional distinctions in language and term. Concepts of this vocabulary are mapped with terms and concepts of similar vocabularies and dictionaries.



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  • Brigit Nonó (Catalan translation)
  • Cristina Azorín (Catalan translation)
  • Gültekin Gürdal (Turkish translation)
  • Hilary Jones (English translation)
  • Holt, Ilkay (Turkish translation)
  • Iryna Solodovnik (Russian translation)
  • Isabel Bernal (Spanish translation)
  • Jochen Schirrwagen (German translation)
  • Ku (Alan) Liping (Chinese translation)
  • Laurence Le Borgne (French translation)
  • Marina Losada (Catalan translation)
  • Milan Ojsteršek (Slovenian translation)
  • Nathalie Vedovotto (French translation)
  • Nie Hua (Chinese translation)
  • Paola Azrilevich (Spanish translation)
  • Pedro Príncipe (Portuguese translation)
  • Sawsan Habre (Arabic translation)
  • Susanna Mornati (Italian translation)
  • Tomoko Kataoka (Japanese translation)
  • Wilko Steinhoff (Dutch translation)
  • Yutaka Hayashi (Japanese translation)


  • COAR Controlled Vocabularies Interest Group